How to make a bouquet – Hand tied flower bouquet

How to make a bouquet

One of the prettiest, and trendiest, ways to give a bouquet of flowers is to hand tie them with ribbons. Floral and interior designer Rebecca Cole shows how to make a beautiful hand tied bouquet, perfect for a bride, or any lucky recipient.

How to make a bouquet
How to make a hand tied bouquet
hand tied flower bouquets

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12 Responses

  1. pinkoxide21 Says:

    hey everyone..m …
    hey everyone..m planning on opening a flower shop but i was curious if anyone could tell me how doi keep the flowers in the best shape and how do take good care of?

  2. bajajsanyam Says:

    awesome touch
    awesome touch

  3. xxxBlUeRoSe21xxx Says:

    OMG i taught it was …
    OMG i taught it was hard looks like im wrong……(I HOPE)

  4. nitaipriyaa Says:

    this was great, …
    this was great, thank you – Hare Krishna (ha-ray krish-na)

  5. BoomBamnBaby Says:

    you’re welcome =D
    you’re welcome =D

  6. milyfan12 Says:

    thanks 🙂 😀
    thanks 🙂 😀

  7. BoomBamnBaby Says:

    yupp, they’re roses …
    yupp, they’re roses 🙂

  8. milyfan12 Says:

    what kind of …
    what kind of flowers are these?
    they don’t look like roses though or are they roses?

  9. sourskittles2009 Says:

    it looks hard ..

    it looks hard ..
    uhm is they any kind of product u should pput in the water?

  10. siklilsuicide Says:

    YOU USED TO BE ON THE HG TV SHOWS. FOR UH… that one… show. :] ooh i love you!!

  11. HowdiniGuru Says:

    That is correct …
    That is correct FUZ3TTE. The longer the cut the better it will draw water up the stem.

    Thanks for watching!


  12. FUZ3TTE Says:

    you have to cut the …
    you have to cut the bottoms diagonally so they obtain water better right?

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